Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Murray St Renovations: The Kitchen

So about that new house we bought! It’s coming along…
It’s been a massive undertaking, and after nearly three months of renovations, we still haven’t been able to sleep there – but we’re getting so close. So many people have asked to see pictures of the house and of our progress, so I thought I'd start posting a bit on here, room by room. Last night I was able to do our first bit of unpacking (with the help of my buds Steve and Linds!), and it felt so great to get our kitchen set up a bit.
We'll post some more "official" pictures once everything is set up and finished, but that at least gives you an idea. The kitchen has been an interesting project. We decided to refrain from any major overhauls, and just work with what we had in there. Even though all we've done are surface changes, the room feels so much more open and fresh, and we’re really excited about it!

What We've Done:
  • The dark brown wood cabinets were in good shape, and they’re now a fresh minty blue with new handles and knobs.
  • We painted over the retro brown back splash tiles with a clean white, and we’re going to try to get them nice and glossy.
  • At the last minute we decided to remove the dropped ceiling and gained about two feet in height, which was a great decision. That naturally created a sort of shelf around all the cupboards which is super cute.
  • We pulled up many layers of linoleum, and refinished the original pine floors.

What We Still Need To Do:
  • Paint the walls.
  • Install the new counter tops and sink.
  • Get a stove!
  • Build a little island in the middle and find some cute little stools.
  • Make a little braided rug for the floor by the sink, like this one or this one!
There is so much cupboard space in this kitchen. I unpacked everything I owned, and I don't think I even filled half of the cupboards. I can't wait until I can get some groceries, make some dinner, and sit down with friends over a good meal. We'll probably be sitting on the floor, but that's okay!
Kevin is so cute at labeling boxes.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Beehive Craft Night

Last night the Beehive Craft Collective got together and did something unheard of. We crafted!

Ever since we started the collective it’s been project followed by project, which has been so amazing. We’ve gotten to do some really rewarding things, like the recent community-driven art piece that was installed at Supercrawl. But we’re ready for a break, and as the weather gets cooler and things get cozier around here, we are all excited to settle into some serious crafting. Rather than scurrying to get things done, we’re entering a season of what we like to call The Slow Craft Movement. Quilting, knitting, embroidery…at a slow, human pace. I haven’t quite gotten there mentally, with the insanity of moving into our house, so I was whipping up curtains on the machine, but as the days get colder and darker, I’m really looking forward to spending more evenings like this.