Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Great Disaster of 2012

Last weekend we came home to something interesting. After a super relaxing weekend of visiting my parents, we went to the Bread Bar for an amazing dinner. We took our time, devoured some incredible pizza, and eventually headed home for the evening. I opened the front door and heard a really loud sound “SCHHHHHHH”, like the sound of a shower, but much louder. And the sound of rain. But indoors. There was a MASSIVE flood, and water was everywhere. The entire main floor was raining, there was a small river flowing down the stairs, and everything was soaked.

Cue the instant panic.

That combined with wet, slippery floors must of made for a hilarious scene. In hindsight, we totally wish we took a video or at least a picture of this moment, because there were emotions present that we had never experienced before.

Because neither Kevin or I had ever had any kind of home catastrophe, in that moment we kindof forgot about home insurance and sort just assumed that we had lost everything and that we’d be homeless forever. We’ve already bought our new home, and sold this home, which made things even more complicated. We were in a state of panic. Slippery, flooded panic. I’ll never forget when Kevin called his parents.

Mom: Grab every towel you can find!
Kevin (into the phone shaking his hand towards heaven): BUT WE DON’T HAAAAVE ANYMORE TOWELS!

Dad: Well son? That’s why you have home insurance!
Kevin: We have home insurance??! (Yells:) MEEEGG!! WE HAVE HOME INSURANCE!!!!

Here are some pictures of the damage. In the first picture you can kindof make out the giant dehumidifiers we've had running for the past week. We’ve moved out and are living at Kev’s parents house indefinitely. It’ll be an interesting few months, by the time we can get into our new place. All things considered, I’ve got an warm, cozy roof over my head, clean clothes, a good job and a husband who knows how the make the best of anything. I feel blessed.
A while back we had scheduled a photo shoot with our friend Hollie, because we had hoped to capture a bit of our first home so we could remember fondly this place that has set stage for so many great memories. Instead, the house gave us a giant EFF YOU and kicked us to the curb. I canceled the photo shoot, but after a few days, reconsidered and Hollie came over to capture this memory for us. I’m thinking that in a few years, we’ll likely look back fondly on this time.

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