Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Advent Video...

A few weeks back I posted some sneak-peeks of the Advent video we were making. It's done, so here it is for you!

Friday, November 18, 2011

A To-Do List for the Weekend

I was inspired by my friend Kate to think about what I actually wanted to accomplish this weekend. Her list was more of what she needed to do, but really, these things need to be done too. I've waited too long, especially for the cleaning.

I have every Friday off (it's SO nice), so Kevin and I try to take some time together to do fun things. It usually ends up being a really nice balance of relaxing and productive. Okay, so this weekend:

-go to Cake & Loaf to get a door fundraiser cookie (Who smashes doors in?! Hopefully they have some cookies left!)
-AND get a latte with my amazing husband (two birds, one stone!)
-go to this yummy place to get something for tonight's wine/cheese night
-go to White Elephant to sign a card for a special someone
-clean my craft room
-clean the basement (last night's flood is spurring that one on...)
-Saturday afternoon coffee date with my rad new friend Katie and Linds
-do 6 million loads of laundry (oops)
-finish draft for a super-special-top-secret Sweet Ice project
-make soup for the week (Sunday morning soup-share-group!)
-get a good start on my handmade Christmas presents (they always take longer than you think!)

*Kevin read this and wanted me to add this one:
-watch my man play a video game he's been waiting five years for (Truth is, I'm pretty excited. I remember lining up outside the store with him for the last one when we had just gotten engaged. He's awesome.)

I think it's going to be a good one!

(photo: taken in Montreal by Jonathan Peters)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A First Time for Everything

On Friday I did something new!
And I've gotta say - it really hurt! But in a bit of a thrilling way...

Jason from Cottage 13 did a great job, and was so patient with me as I adjusted and readjusted the location of the ampersand. Yippee, I'm so pleased with it! Now Kevin and I match (finally), and it doesn't look like he's in this alone! ;)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

As Advent Approaches

Tonight we're filming a video for Advent at Eucharist. It should be pretty fun...we've been prepping the supplies for the last few days, and everyone involved is pretty excited. Here's a little sneak peek - basically it involves white Christmas decor and neon paint:

Monday, November 14, 2011

Saints & Sinners

A new week! Happy Monday, friends.

So, we installed the Saints & Sinners piece on Friday afternoon for the Art Crawl, and while we were still putting it up, we had so many people stopping to look and ask us about it. It seems like art and religion are both things that people are interested in and feel comfortable talking about. There are just so many perspectives when it comes to either, that it provided opportunity for really interesting conversations to take place.

We heard from all kinds of people - some who had had really terrible experiences with the church, some who grew up 'religious' but had walked away from their faith, some who were Christian, some who were of other faiths, some who had a lot of anger towards God, some who appreciated the statement as an art piece, some who thought it was funny and interesting, some who said it made them uncomfortable; like I said - really interesting conversations. It seemed that everyone had an opinion, and with the piece being so public and communal, they were willing to share those opinions. Another thing I noticed - almost everyone who walked by could point out one (or more) people in the piece that they knew. It was fascinating to watch people learn that their barista, or their waiter from Mex-i-can, or the guy who sold them shoes...was part of this statement.

All that to say, it was a wonderful (albiet cold!) evening, and I'm excited to see the other ways this talented community continues to interact with the vibrant arts culture in the core of our city. Good on ya, Eucharist!
Above: We're soooo cold! You can see the rest of the pictures here, as well as the artist statement (in the album description...)

Photo Credit (for these photos as well as the installation): Meagan Tutti-Peters

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Art Crawl Tomorrow!

Tomorrow night is Art Crawl! One of my favorite nights all month! This month's art crawl is especially exciting because my community at Eucharist has put together an art piece that we'll be installing outdoors.

It's called Saints and Sinners - here are a few sneak peeks. I'll fill in more about the piece after Friday night, but I'm excited to see how it goes. People from Eucharist are engaged with the city in all kinds of ways, but this will be the first time that we speak communally from and as Eucharist - should be interesting. Come by and check it out - you'll see it on the fence between Vasco da Gama and Acclamation.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


We went on a Beehive field trip last night. The AGH let us in for a private view of their quilt exhibit - it felt like we were so important, going in after-hours like that! The show was amazing. All the quilts are from one couple's collection, and are mostly from the 1800's. The intricacy was mind-blowing, especially when you realized that most of the quilting was done by hand. There will be a lot more details and pictures about the show on the Beehive blog later on, but if you get the chance, you should really go check out the show - it's running until January 15th.

Above: 1852; Cotton, plain-woven, appliqued, quilted, hand-sewn.
Above: 'Crazy Quilt'; c 1885; silk, velvet, satin, pieced, embroidered, hand-sewn

Top photo via Hollie Pocsai

Monday, November 7, 2011

Latest Project: Alphabet Sampler

I started this pretty project recently - a crewelwork sampler from Alicia Paulson. I'm only a few letters in, but I think I'll have to take a break until my Christmas presents are made. You can see more pictures over on the Beehive blog...

Friday, November 4, 2011


Back to blogging! We went to Dundas Valley for a hike today. Amazing city we live in...totally urban, but with the added benefits of hiking trails and waterfalls.